Low-Carb Diet Reviews

If you read my page “What is low-carb, anyway?“, you’ll know that there are a range of low-carb diets out there. While they all share the goal of achieving a low-carb lifestyle, they do so with a variety of different approaches and philosophies. When reading about them, it’s important to keep in mind what YOUR goals are – do you want to try and get into ketosis? If so, you probably want to look at the Ketogenic diet, or a very low-carb version of paleo. Do you just want to start eating more healthily, with an overall reduction in carbs? Maybe try the Dukan diet, or Atkins (which actually aims for ketosis in the first few weeks). Plan to lift weights or engage in high intensity interval sports? Your best bet might be a cyclical keto diet, or carb-cycling. There’s no one best diet – what works best for you is going to depend on your age, gender, goals, activity levels, etc.

So sit back, think about what you want, and enjoy reading about some of the more popular low-carb diets and what I think about them!