The 10 Best Low Carb Options from Your Favorite Fast Food Joints

FastFoodsmallThere are lots of reasons why a person might decide to embark on a low carb ketogenic diet. This popular new eating regime is currently making waves among celebrities and high profile figures, so they might have read about it in a magazine. They might just be a fitness fanatic and have a genuine interest in regulating their body via the use of regimented eating plans. Or, they could just be looking to try something new after years of spent following fad diets.

The bottom line is that the ketogenic diet can be suitable for almost anybody, as long as it is implemented carefully and supported with a reasonable amount of fresh fruit and vegetables and regular exercise. In fact, one of the best things about the low carb ketogenic diet is the fact that it does not have to be anywhere near as strict as you might expect.

This guide to the 10 best low carb fast food choices will help you to learn that ‘keto eating’ does not have to mean boring meals or missing out on the things that you love.


  1. A&W

The keto fast food choices on offer at A&W are those which tend to come with a bread bun or a breaded outer coating. However, in order to keep them keto, you will have to say goodbye to both of these things. So, whilst a cheeseburger (even a double) without a burger bun can be fairly healthy, add the bread and you increase the amount of carbs and sugars on the plate.

Best Option – Grilled chicken with a garlic or herb dipping sauce


  1. Blimpie

The Blimpie sandwich empire might not be as well-known as Subway, but it is a popular choice with food fans who enjoy high quality deli meats and antipasto fillings. To stick with the keto low carb diet, all you need to do is discount the bread – this can feel strange, if you are not used to eating sandwiches without a bun, but it is the healthier option. The wonderful blue cheese dressing here is a great pick.

Best Option – Grilled chicken with buttermilk ranch dressing


  1. Burger King

You should be starting to see a pattern here now. If you are thinking about opting for fast food, make sure that you exclude the bun. With Burger King, be careful about tucking into the salads too, because many are filled with high carb ingredients. If you are planning to go for chicken, order it grilled and not fried, resist the croutons, and lift the meal with a dollop of ranch dressing.

Best Option – Chicken BLT with Caesar salad


  1. Chick-fil-A

This popular low carb fast food spot offers some tasty choices once you get rid of the biscuits and the buns which come with the egg, cheese, bacon, and sausage sandwiches. The tortillas are particularly good if you can bear to unwrap them from their doughy wheat packaging and tuck in without all the carbs to hand. For an irresistible meal on the go, pick up a chargrilled chicken club with blue cheese.

Best Option – Chicken salad sandwich with blue cheese sauce


  1. Dairy Queen

It is easy to fill up on protein and other dietary requirements with a meal from Dairy Queen, because the cheeseburgers, hot dogs, turkey subs, and grilled chicken dishes are quite the revelation – without the bread buns, of course. Whilst the dipping sauces here are not quite as healthy as some of the ones found at Chick-fil-A or A&W, you can get away with a dollop or two if you make your portion small.

Best Option – Cheese dog with wild buffalo dipping sauce


  1. KFC

For avid fans of fried chicken, the fast food game can be tough. The menu here is surprisingly not all that keto friendly – you’d expect an easier time eating chicken – but you can find a handful of dishes which will allow you to indulge and stay on track with your diet (just make sure that you leave the stodgy mashed potatoes alone). If you do need to pick a side to go with your chicken, opt for something that as fresh and light as possible.

Best Option – Kentucky grilled chicken with green beans


  1. McDonalds

There cannot be a comprehensive discussion about keto fast food choices without mentioning the big daddy of the fast food world, McDonalds. As with many of the other fast food joints on the list, the burgers here are all acceptable options as long as they are served ‘unclothed’ – that is to say, free of a carb loaded bun or batter.

Best Option – Premium bacon ranch sandwichdouble-cheeseburger-524990_640


  1. Subway

The Subway chain is a useful fast food stop for those on a ketogenic diet and looking for some low carb treats, because the staff are happy to convert any of their sub sandwiches into salad boxes (kindly refuse the addition of croutons). This means that there are virtually no restrictions to what you can and cannot eat here, from tuna to turkey, beef, cheese, and chicken.

Best Option – Subway club sandwich with vinaigrette dressing


  1. Wendy’s

It is time to say goodbye to the bread at Wendy’s, but you can always enjoy a classic cheese burger or a grilled chicken BLT whenever you want. If you try to avoid carb heavy items like the croutons, fried chicken, fries, and battered foods, you should be fine to tuck into Caesar salads and juicy double or even triple stacked burgers.

Best Option – Ultimate chicken grill fillet


  1. Carls JR

The Carls JR fast food branches provide a whole host of low carb dishes, from the low carb six dollar burger to the low charbroiled chicken club sandwich The former actually comes with a special wrapping made of lettuce leaves, so that you can enjoy your burger with something a little fresh and green. Plus, the blue cheese and house dressings here are entirely sugar free so dig in.

Best Option – Guacamole bacon burger


The ketogenic low carb diet is easy to stick to, as long as you are willing to make some compromises when it comes to treats. In fact, the trick to ensuring that the keto diet is successful is not to deny oneself tasty things at all, but to make sure that your treats are of the right kind. So, think carefully when ordering, because something as simple as removing a bread bun can make all the difference.

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